🔴 Some Call It House, We Still Call It Home: the story of Chicago collective 3º inside 5 Mag Issue 208, out now!

The story of 3° is a story that is best told by its members. There were at one point thousands, and there probably still are thousands of people who feel like they are part of the 3° experiment.

It began however with just six — three DJs and three promoters who shared a love for house music and joined together with the intention of uniting Chicago’s underground house music scene.

Here we talk to the seven 3° members — DJ Monna, Julius The Mad Thinker, Jeremiah Seraphine, Priti Gandhi, Dj-FLX, BIG SEXY and Czboogie — about the origins of the collective all the way back to 1999, the legendary member’s only events and global parties, essential 3º songs and more, as well as dozens of shots from the archives featuring a who’s who of Chicago house music. Must read!

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🔴 Get Up! A Tribute to DJ Deeon.

🔴 Gratts: The Cover Mix. “I am obsessed with tracks that work in different environments. That is true class to me: music that works in a club but that also has enough depth to be played on the radio or in a bar.”

🔴 Diviniti: In Due Time. To hear her tell it, it was fate that Diviniti linked up with Josh Milan for her album In Due Time. “I don’t see a way that we would not have ended up creating music together at some point.”

🔴 Some Call It House, They Still Call It Home. Founded in 1999, 3º created a thriving global community through a series of members only parties & an audience of participants, friends & friends of friends. 5 Mag profiles one of the most important chapters in nightlife history.

🔴 The Devil’s Disco. The founder of disco’s wildest orchestra, John Davis put in his time at Sigma Sound, with MFSB and his own Monster Orchestra. The once-prolific dance music artist passed away earlier this year in Ohio.

🔴 Ravenomics: Pirate Apocalypse. File sharing sites are voluntarily shutting down across the internet. The courts, the RIAA and industry watchdogs have nothing to do with it.

🔴 Galaxy Brain: One Dollar. Charging money for music submissions is the industry’s new growth industry. They’re just not charging very much.

🔴 Screen Grab: Sorted by Sononym. For $99 this product will sort out your life and your ugly sample collection.

🔴 Heavy Machinery: Introducing Korg’s opsix SE. The 61 key version of Korg’s opsix aspires to become one of the best FM synthesizers ever.

🔴 Music Reviews #208. The home for longform reviews in modern dance music, featuring records from 6th Borough Project (Delusions of Grandeur), Boo Williams, Eric Johnson & Reggie Dokes (Upstairs Asylum), Retromigration (Wolf Music), youANDme, Cinthie & Ian Pooley (Rhythm Cult), Nachtbraker, Eddie Leader and Chez Damier (Hudd Traxx), Steve Mill (Dirt Crew), Dave Lee & Saturday Night Band (Prelude), Disclosure, Move D & Jordan GCZ (Source Germany), Lefrenk (EC Underground) and more.

🔴 In Rotation #208. More reviews of the new, old, conventional, strange and genre agnostic that we love and are playing the hell out of right now from Heist Recordings, Carlo (Aterral), T Williams, Tendai & Karizma (The Remedy Project), Alinka (Twirl), DJ Threejay & Patrick Wayne (Dubstar), Lehto & Risperson (Bathurst), Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades), Green Velvet, Marco Lys and Classmatic (Relief), Paris Cesvette (Raising Records), BlackJean, MAL.E (Fixed Rhythms) and more.



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