🔴 Deep in the underground: Alinka, Laseech, Marco Lenzi, Being and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now!

House music is not a slogan and it’s not a poster you hang on your wall. It’s a feeling, yeah, and it’s a way of life. 5 Mag Issue 209 profiles four members of the worldwide underground who have given their lives to this thing of ours, from Eastern Europe to Chicago.

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🔴 Laseech: The Cover Mix Laseech is a producer and DJ with a preternatural ear for the more adventurous and eclectic side of deep house. His cover set is “a mix of everything, from deep disco Chicago inspired edits to contemporary deep house and broken beat.”

🔴 Being (Here). Recovered from a bunch of DATs originally recorded in the early 1990s, Being’s “There” on Apartment Records was one of our favorite records of 2023. 5 Mag meets the producer behind the dazzling chain of recordings, music that’s both very early and very late.

🔴 Alinka: The Cover Story. Kyiv, Chicago, Berlin: three cities that Alinka has called home, in a life that’s been marked by an artistic journey and a physical one. With the rebirth of Twirl, the label that was born in Chicago, we talk to DJ and producer Alinka, who was born in Kyiv, from her home in Berlin, on war and house music, identity and self-education, migration and roots. One of the people we love, on the people and things that she loves.

🔴 Marco Lenzi: Molecular Studies. Molecular Recordings has always had an uncanny ability to identify and amplify up-and-coming techno artists very early in their career. After a decade on hiatus, label head Marco Lenzi returned without skipping a beat.

🔴 Laseech: Behind the Beat It took two years for Andrej Lasic to perfect “Hey Love.” It was worth the wait. 5 Mag profiles Lasic (aka Laseech), rising Croatian producer and DJ with a deep and soulful but utterly irresistible sound signature.

🔴 Bang the Banker’s Box It’s open season on David Solomon, the obnoxious “Goldman Sachs CEO DJ.” But this time it’s his banker buddies that are dragging him.

🔴 Galaxy Brain Spotify DJ is going global because the term “DJ” has lost all real meaning and nobody cares anymore. In streaming’s bleak vision of the future, AI will replace DJs and whisper lovingly in your ear. It will also take requests.

🔴 Hot To Tape Screen Grab: Drift is not the first plugin to emulate tape effects but it may be the best.

🔴 Catch the Bullfrog Heavy Machinery: Designed by Richie Hawtin and Erica, the Bullfrog is an educational but fully functional hardware synth.

🔴 Music Reviews #209. The home for longform reviews in modern dance music, featuring records from RAWFILA and Deejay Deeon (Tracking the Dopegeek), Retromigration (LYAM), Rafa Santos (Selections), Laroye (Freerange), Serenace (Shaw Cuts), Kokoro Disco San (Rocafort Records), A Man Called Adam (Other Records Ltd), Nico Lahs (U FIT), Hugo LX (Doma Music), Eddie Chacon (Stones Throw), As You Like It and more.

🔴 In Rotation #209. More reviews of the new, old, conventional, strange and genre agnostic that we love and are playing the hell out of right now from Noncompliant (Giant Arm), Quantic and Andreya Triana (Play It Again Sam), Automat ft. Barbie Williams (Compost), New Digital Fidelity (Scopic), Sir LSG and Earl W Green (GOGO Music) and Motion Severn (Good Vibrations).



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