🔴 Take A Ride: Anané, Beppe Loda, Toribio, Black Eyes, Danny J Lewis and more inside Issue #211 of 5 Mag, out now!

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🔴 Anané: Take A Ride. Lauren Krieger profiles Anané on the launch of her mini-album Take A Ride produced by Louis Vega & Josh Milan in a wide-ranging interview on her youth, early struggles and philosophy on music, life and art. Photos by Julian Lazaro.

🔴 Beppe Loda. You can’t write a credible history of dance music without speaking to Beppe Loda. Tommaso Conforti interviews the Italian DJ legend.

🔴 Toribio: Public Service. Rodrigo Salazar meets the eclectic Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, instrumentalist and apostle of the dance floor. Photos by Guario Rodriguez Jr.

🔴 Night Tales 2: Album of the Month. Danny J Lewis walks us through the second concept album from the deep house and garage legend.

🔴 Black Eyes: Behind The Beat. This is a broadcast from the future: 5 Mag meets the Mancunian producer whose label Lost Control 2097 is capturing a certain raw, sometimes psychedelic but viscerally rhythmic brand of techno & deep house. Plus this issue’s cover mix, playing “quite deep but with touches of soul and Detroit vibes…”

🔴 Underreported 2023: The Year Discogs Shit The Bed. Jacked fees and chaos brought all of the record platform’s faults to the surface.

🔴 God Said Give ’Em Apertures. Normski captures in photographs two decades of Black artists, from NWA to Juan Atkins.

🔴 Science People Confirm: This World Needs More Disco Balls. A new academic paper illustrates the benefits of brightening the planet with more sparkles.

🔴 The Best Site You Never Heard Of. Ampled had everything you want from a pro-musician platform. So why did it fail?

🔴 Make Music 2024: LUNA DAW is Now Free. Universal Audio has made a fully featured version of their proprietary DAW free for all macOS users.

🔴 Nanobox Puts a Sampler In Your Pocket. The Nanobox Tangerine is the latest toy-like hardware from 1010Music.

🔴 Introducing Galaxias. A new tool for Roland Cloud, Galaxias lets subscribers use and layer any instrument as well as its extensive catalog of sounds.

🔴 Music Reviews 211. The home for longform reviews in modern dance music, featuring records from Seven Davis Jr, Rollover DJs, Boink (Curb Side), Man Power & Juan MacLean, Sondrio (Refuge Recordings), June Jazzin (NDATL), Hardway Brothers and Jason Merle (Whiskey Pickle), Kirik & Imbue (Memory Remains), Vasco Ispirian, Lone (Greco-Roman), Lex (Delusions of Grandeur), Rephlex (Closer To Truth), Offshore & Coen (Citizens of Vice), Lolo Knows & Jordan Martinez (Import Tracks), Marli (Unknown To The Unknown), FILM (Remmah), Yacht Soul (Too Slow To Disco) and Decoder (Molecular Recordings).



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