Stepping Out: Anja Schneider on her departure from Mobilee and more inside 5 Magazine Issue 154, out now!

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Here’s what’s inside the latest issue:

On the Cover

Anja Schneider: Few labels were more strongly identified with an artist than Mobilee and Anja Schneider. Kev Obrien talks to Anja about leaving Mobilee and opening new horizons with her new album, SoMe.

Also Inside This Issue

Crackazat: The 5 Mag profile by Dustin Kinney of the jazz-inspired dance music phenom behind the new LP Rainbow Fantasia, out now from Local Talk.

The Record: Watch Your Step: The story behind the making of Preslav’s soulful new single.

The House Music Canon Pt 2: Further selections of the essential books, movies, and other media for a full education in this thing we call House.

Open Source Synthesis: Download VCV Rack & start making music as soon as you figure it the fuck out.

Get Inspired: Seven things a music producer can do do when you can’t do what you wanted to do.

Cz’s Boogie Vol 12: New podcast from 5 Mag editor-in-chief Czarina Mirani.

Plus our longest review section ever, featuring new music and reissues and new discoveries by 5 Magazine staff, including records by Kerri Chandler, Art Feast and Rocco, A Houseband, Anderson Soares, Apparel Music, Balaphonic, Blush Response, Chasing Kurt and Kiko Navarro, Dizzy Praet and Colour & Pitch, Drew Sky and Lester Fitzpatrick on UKR, Dun Wanna, Dusky on 17 Steps, Dutchican Soul on Peppermint Jam, Fresh Meat Records, Jay Hill, Jorge Caiado, Jellybean remixes Kasso’s Italo classics, Levon Vincent, Mental Overdrive, Nachtbraker on Heist, Pavel Iudin on Quality Vibe, Phutek, Samora, Spence:Chicago, Synthetigers, Systm-B, Terrence Dixon and more.

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