5 Magazine warms up with our full coverage of this Summer’s amazing events, leading off with the 25th annual Chosen Few Picnic.

In June 2015, 5 Magazine kicks off the Summer of House Music in Chicago with a celebrations of #CFP25 – the 25th anniversary of the Chosen Few Picnic, the Made In Chicago festival that now sees tens of thousands of Househeads and soul fanatics gather on the Southside of Chicago July 4th Weekend.

Terry Matthew talks to Wayne Williams, Alan King and Terry Hunter about the history of the Chosen Few Picnic, what it takes to put the party together and why so many people feel so passionately about the “old school reunion.”

Also this month: 24 years ago, Marc Kinchen left a song off his self-released 1991 EP Get It Right. That EP is a classic, but the left over song – “Strider” – has become a phenomenon. White labels run for $100 or more; and what may be a one-of-a-kind acetate is for sale for $1500. We talked to MK as well as the man who owns the dubplate about the strange story of “Strider.”

5 Mag contributing editor Will Sumsuch notes the generic “motivational blog posts” swirling around the internet that give out tips about building your career in the 21st century music industry – and notes what they’re missing. His five bits of uncommon wisdom can be filed under the title “What Nobody Told Me About Making Music.”

Also in this issue: eleven events, from block parties to lunchtime jams to festivals taking place in the great outdoors this summer; reviews of new wax from Siler and Dima, Dan Curtin, Deep Club, Marc King and FXHE, Happen DJ, Hakim Murphy and Leigh Morgan; DEL’s Foundations column on Incognito; photos from The Last Southport Weekender and more.


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