Soulphiction, Marco Faraone and a multipart retrospective of the legendary Compost Records inside the latest issue of 5 Magazine, out now.

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On The Cover:

🔴 Fertilizing electronic creativity in Germany and across the planet for 25 years now, Michael Reinboth’s Compost Records has been doing things differently since day one. While discussing the possibility of writing a label feature for 5 Mag with fellow contributor Harold Heath, Will Sumsuch made a somewhat outrageous claim:

“Compost is the most important electronic label of the last 25 years.”

“I would read that article,” replied Harold.

So here it is…

🔴 Soulphiction. Released by Local Talk, 24/7 Love Affair is a 17 track story that takes you across various genres and atmospheres. Lauren Krieger talks to the man who made it.

🔴 The Real Business Techno. The CEO of Goldman Sachs moonlights as a DJ and is even making (awful) dance tracks. We’ve had about enough of it. How electronic music is playing a vital – and viral – role in the whitewashing of Wall Street’s most notorious bank.

🔴 Marco Faraone: Uncaged. Techno producer Marco Faraone has been DJing since he was 14 years old and released his first record a year ago. 2019 turned out to be his biggest record yet. By Lauren Krieger.

🔴 2020. It’s the time of year when everyone looks back. We want to look forward. Here’s seven things we want to see more of in a new year.

🔴 SELECT: 7 Records with Michael Reinboth. As part of our celebration of Compost Records’ 25th anniversary, Michael Reinboth reveals the seven most defining records in the label’s history.

🔴 Plus new music and reissues from James Duncan and Spirit of the Black 808, Nathalie Capello (Underground Quality), Black Cadmium (Vault Wax), Kai Alce and Alexander Robotnick (Adeen), Ike Release (Love Notes), a classic Addis Posse acid house reissue, Malcolm Moore, Heist, Coflo on Ocha, Giovanni Damico on Star Creature and more.

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