We’re proud to present Issue #134 of 5 Magazine.

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Here’s what’s inside this issue:

On the cover:

“It feels like a renaissance here now.” How I Communicate was a monster album – but it wasn’t the first and all indications are it won’t be the last for Lay-Far. A profile of the Russian Russian DJ & producer headlines issue #134.

Also in this issue:

Love Inaya!: Keep Pushin hits 20 years! Inaya Day – one of the subjects of the very first issue of 5 Magazine – returns to tell us the news. by Doug Brandt.

Danism is back on the scene for Volume 26 of A 5 Mag Mix, 5 Magazine’s signature House Music mix and interview series.

im/Print002: Minneapolis Exchange: As music from around the world begins to sound increasingly the same, some locals are banding together to present their sound. An interview with Aaron Bliss of Minneapolis Exchange in our label profile series.

What Happened to Miami in March? And what can we do to save it? A travelogue, think piece and rant in one by DEL from this year’s Miami Music Week/Ultra/WMC/etc.

Mobile Music Making: DAW apps for mobile and tablets are no longer just toys. Here’s a selection of three of the most mature of the lot.

Plus new records from Luyo + Mike “Agent X” Clark, Love & Logic + Joe Pompeo + Derrick Carter, Andy Compton featuring Celestine, Alex Agore, Basic Frame, Dunmore Park and Blank Slate, plus reissues from Parris Mitchell and Onirico.



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