Beat thieves, secret white labels and one legend on making a Frankie Knuckles tribute track: all inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out today.

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Here’s a preview of what’s inside the latest 5 Mag:

🔴 Jacked: How Demuir Beat The Beat Thieves. What do you do when your music’s been stolen? When Toronto house music producer Demuir found out someone had plagiarized his tracks, he got mad. Then he fought back. And then he got even.

🔴 Will Medusa’s rise again? One of the most influential clubs in music history shut down during the pandemic and after the passing of its legendary founder.

🔴 #TheTeardown with Ralphi Rosario. FK Always: On the making of a Frankie Knuckles tribute.

🔴 Holy Grail. Nearly 25 years ago, a youth worker named Orion made London Vibes, one of the most coveted Garage records in history. He had no idea anyone was listening.

🔴 Your AirPods Are Tiny Bombs. Big bombs come in small packages. Your AirPods will last longer on this planet than your bones, if they doesn’t explode first. 5 Mag looks at the subject of e-waste and the role music plays in the proliferation of disposable, unfixable electronics.

🔴 One More Time: New Platform Sonicly Promises a Fair Deal for Crowdsourcing Projects. After PledgeMusic’s demise, a new platform emerges, designed specifically for musicians. Will it be any different than the last?

🔴 #Tracks – Music Reviews 196. New music and reissues from Roberta (Worldship Music), Andrés (Moods & Grooves), Reggie Dokes (Release Sustain), Rich Daddies (Best Effort), Fouk (Shall Not Fade), Garrett David (The Pool House), Delano Smith (Mixmode), Afterlife (Subatomic), Dusky (Running Back), A Guy Called Gerald (Moozikeh Analog Room), Strand (RWYS Records), Scape One, CMD (Fixed Rhythms), Davide Tonini (Detroit Underground), The Sweet Fantastic (F*CLR), Tr-One (Short Attention), Shara (Patina Skye), Seaquence (Athens of the North), Ron S (UKR), DJ Aakmael (Slothboogie), Ian Pooley (Rekids), Orchid / Age (Eldia), Ron Trent (Yellow Jackets), Amp Fiddler & Waajeed, DJ Minx (Planet E) and Blazers (Skint).


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