We’re Back: Krystal Rodriguez on Kate Simko on the cover, plus Rudosa, Emmaculate, Microdot and more inside the latest issue of 5 Magazine, out now.

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Here’s what else is inside our new issue of 5 Mag:

On The Cover:

🔴 “I feel like I just listened to the future…” Producer, DJ, orchestrator, film composer: the Chicago-raised, now London-based artist has done it all, but not all at once. 5 Mag’s Krystal Rodriguez hears Kate Simko’s story.

🔴 Rudosa. We asked the prolific DJ to share with us a playlist of his six favorite acid tracks, past and present, new and classic for 5 Mag’s SELECT series.

🔴 Emmaculate: Man In The Box. Chicago’s a big city, its musical genius is even larger and the stories of the people behind it can break your heart. But some of the stories can fill them back up. 5 Mag talks to Eric Welton aka Emmaculate, along with a new 5 Mag Mix.

🔴 Microdot: A 5 Mag Mix. He Hearts Techno: Chicago’s Microdot on one of Chicago’s best techno residencies and his new 5 Mag Mix.

🔴 Overboard. After three generations, the G-Men finally figured out how to kill pirate radio broadcasters in the United States: sue them until they scream.

🔴 Freq: Getting Your Demo Signed. A 5 Mag Guide to navigating the uncharted waters of music submissions by Harold Heath.

🔴 Plus new music and reissues from Shawn Rudiman & Jordan GCZ, NxF (DMMT), Heidi Sabertooth (UFO Inc), Ataxia (Planet E), Angel-A, Kai Alce and Reekee (Wrong Notes), Santonio Echols (Sudd Waxx), Club Soda (Flexi Cuts), youANDme (Cutz), Inner Life, GIM Productions and Vincent Floyd (Onda Records), Subject To Restrictions Discs, Butch, C.Vogt, Skudge & S.A.M. (Otherside), James Solace (LNOE), Eddie Amador and MicFreak (Unquantize), KUBA and Paskal and Urban Absolutes, Gavin Hardkiss/Hawke and more.

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