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We are thrilled to present to you the latest issue of 5 Mag featuring some of the most wonderful people in this industry, several bona fide dance music legends and hopefully a few new ones you didn't know before.



On The Cover:

For Me: The Beautiful World of Dawn Tallman. - Josh Milan called up and warned us. Hey, he said, this is a record that you don't want to miss. And he was right. Dawn Tallman's For Me - her debut album, after her dance music debut nearly a quarter century ago - has made it to the top of a bunch of lists as one of the best soul albums of the year. On the first listen it was also on mine. 5 Mag talks to Dawn about her incomparable career and the message in the music.



Hot Mixing with Hot Toddy. - UK producer, DJ, guitarist, songwriter and arranger Chris Todd is one half of UK house stalwarts Crazy P, producers of classic disco-house cuts with a well deserved reputation as one of the tightest dance music live acts around. He's also an accomplished and well travelled DJ, so 5 Mag's Harold Heath decided to quiz Chris about his approach to the art of DJing.

The Culture with DJ Rocca. - It's a cliche to say this in any other context, but DJ Rocca truly has a sound that can only be described as "adventurous" - an ear that can take in all manner and styles of music and a soul that can synthesize it into something special. We're thrilled to have him talk about DJing with us and premiere a new 5 Mag Mix.

The Culture with Benji Candelario. - Benji Candelario is a veteran of the New York clubbing scene, an OG that has graced the decks of almost every major club imaginable, including residencies at Studio 54 and Ministry in London. Here we ask Benji about his art to approaching the turntables, and how much things have evolved since he began. He also gives us one hell of an exclusive mix to jam to.

5 Mag Select: Six Records with Detroit's Filthiest. - Motor City Electro Company came roaring back to life in 2015 after a rare record from its founder, Detroit's Filthiest was sampled for the foundation of Disclosure's hit record "Bang That." Since then, MCEC has been killing it, with records skipping across genres in reflection of its founder's short attention span. We asked Detroit's Filthiest to tell us the story behind six of the label's notable tracks with an emphasis on the latest tunes in honor of the label's 20th anniversary.


Everything Has Changed And The Industry Hasn't Noticed (Yet.) - Will Sumsuch's observations from this year's Brighton Music Conference.

Should DJs and DJ Labels Care About Streaming? - They better, the death cross of MP3s is coming.

New releases & reissues from Jeff Mills, Hifi Sean, Ra-Soul, Audio Soul Project, Soul Clap featuring Kathy Brown, Z Records, Dretraxx, Santiago Salazar (Love What You Feel), DJ Tennis (Running Back), Orlando B, Vincent G (Rutilance), Moods & Grooves, Flexi Cuts & more.

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