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5magazine · The Revenge ⚡️ The 5 Mag Cover Mix



5magazine · Jimpster - A 5 Mag Mix 84



The Revenge: Body Music. - Our cover story: Lauren Krieger talks to Graeme Clark (aka The Revenge and half of 6th Borough Project) about the magic of making music from nothing (or even a Commodore Amiga) and his latest Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew vol 4..


Jimpster: The Franc Spangler Chronicles. - Jimpster talks about his once-secret "Franc Spangler" alter ego, offers some inspo for aspiring producers and showcases an exclusive new 5 Mag Mix.

im/Print: Kurtz Lives! - Bruce Tantum talks to Tom & Bonar of PBR Streetgang about the launch of their exciting new imprint, Kurtz Records, and its first release, an EP they call Big Wig

Unplugged: The Magical Sounds of Pato y Pato. - Mark Maynard and John Duffy are Pato y Pato, a pair of Detroit musicians who invited me along on a thrilling electronic odyssey with one of the most fascinating and totally engrossing albums of the year.

Boiler Room is Changing. - Into what? It's hard to say.

Boom Kick Revival. - In the battle of Roland cloners vs. Roland's Cloud, the cloners are winning, and it isn't even close. Why won't Roland just give people the iconic classic gear they want?

FREQ: A Sideways Look at Side Chaining. - What is side chaining? What is it used for? A 5 Mag guide by Harold Heath.

Fidget Lab: Korg Gadget 2 Comes to The Desktop. - It's not really a DAW, is it?

New music and reissues from Santonio Echols (Shift Imprint), Moodswing (Obstacle Records), Soulphiction with Jamie 3:26 (Local Talk), Theo Parrish, Lonely C (Soul Clap Records), Chez Damier, Ben Vedren and Paul Cut, Ian Pooley (Pooled Music), S3A (Dirt Crew), Saisons & Natasha Kitty Katt (No Fuss), Hard Drive Library, Admin (Better Listen) & more.

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