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#Persist: Josh Milan and Honeycomb Music, our cover mix from Ashley Beedle, vocalist Jackie Queens, tearing down "Ghosts" with The Spaces Between, plague raves in Zanzibar and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out today.





Here's a quick look at what's inside:

#CoverStory: Chasing Motown. After the demise of Blaze, vocalist, musician and producer Josh Milan built Honeycomb Music into a model for the modern soulful house label. His motto: Do It or Die Trying.

"Sociopaths in Headphones": Plague Raves Take Their Toll in Zanzibar. Supporting a delusional president, superstar DJs & plague ravers partied with MAGA conspiracists & anti-vaxxers while the coronavirus silently whipped through Tanzania.

#CoverMix: Ashley Beedle. 5 Mag welcomes legendary producer and DJ Ashley Beedle for the second installment of SANCTIFY, showcasing the greatest deep house DJs on Planet Earth.

What Happened to the "Save Our Stages" Act? The US Government set aside more than $16 billion for small music venues. Not a single dollar has been paid to clubs.

#TheMic: Jackie Queens. When the writers of the great mystery of life call someone "a force of nature," a person like vocalist, songwriter, label owner, writer and advocate for artists Jackie Queens is who they have in mind.

Dance Like Nobody's Paying. The IFPI's annual report is out, reminding us of how profitable streaming has become. But profitable for whom? Just how many streams would it take to buy a single copy of the IFPI's own report?

#TheTeardown: The Spaces Between. F*CLR's latest black wax masterpiece is a transcontinental séance featuring the combined talents of Terry Farley, Wade Teo, Ian Snowball, legendary House vocalist Harry Dennis — and a reunited Black Science Orchestra.

Ultra Music Festival Hit with Another Class-action Suit. It turns out that postponing events for two years makes people upset!

Corona was Bad for Musicians, Great for Music Gear. Even though no one could play them in public, retailers and manufacturers set records for sales.

Music Reviews 189. New music and reissues from Jordan GCZ (Rush Hour), 34th Floor Experience (Mate), Octave One, Shuffle'N'Swing, Robert Cotter (WEWANTSOUNDS), Delano Smith & Norm Talley (Sushitech), Mark de Clive-Lowe, Charlie from Soul Clap, Alien Rain (UFO Inc), Rochelle Jordan (Young Art), Iz & Diz (What Goes Around), Frankie Vega & Tim Vitek (Grid Based Beats), Junior Sanchez & Todd Terry (Crosstown Rebels), Phonetix, Kyle Hall (Forget The Clock), Scape One, Hudd Traxx, Donnell Knox & Mark Hawkins (Unknown To The Unknown), Soulphiction (18437), Tru Faith & About 2 (Glamourize), Laurence Guy (Shall Not Fade), Hifi Sean and Matthias Zimmermann (Back Office).

In Rotation 189. Short cuts, call backs and oddities from Maelstrom, Astrolife Recordings, PBR Streetgang (10Questions), Marlon George (Closer To Truth), Yesca (Y4 Collective), Ralf GUM, BarbWalters, Vault, Matthias Heilbronn & Monique Bingham (Peppermint Jam), Doogatron ft. Dia Tee, Paul & Shark and Jakob Apelian (Apparel Music).

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