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Franck Roger is 44, Ed Nine cover mix, Berlin under lockdown documented by Marie Staggat and Timo Stein and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.





Here's a quick look at what's inside:

#CoverStory: Franck Roger is 44. The French deep house producer emerges from lockdown with an eclectic new album. Terry Matthew talks to Franck Roger on the rejuvenation of Real Tone, the demonology of Paris and more for his first ever 5 Mag interview.

#CoverMix: Ed Nine. One of Chicago's finest, Ed Nine (Groove Access) takes over this issue's cover mix.

Berlin, Interrupted. A new book by photographer Marie Staggat & writer Timo Stein shows the people & places of Berlin’s legendary nightlife scene under lockdown.

Acid Artifacts: The Legacy of Rockin’ House Records. Rodney Baker was a true original: an educator, a folklorist of electronic music and one of the most underrated Chicago House Producers in history.

SELECT: A Baker's Half-Dozen. Six rarities from the Rockin' House catalog.

When the Music's Over. Harold Heath chronicles a DJ's journey from obscurity to modest success — and what comes after the music stops.

Should Chicago have 24 hour nightclubs? One Chicago alderman thinks so. 'Club closes at 12pm. Lecture on Frankie Knuckles [or Ron Hardy] starts at 2pm.'

Music Reviews 190. New music and reissues from Suburban Knight (Detroit Techno Records), NCW (Apartment Records), Infolines, Damian Rausch (The Gathering), Kaidi Tatham (Sounds Familiar), Solid Gold Playaz (Freerange), Gavin Boyce (Nordic Trax), Black Sjuan, Oona Dahl (Hallucienda), Nate Manic, Clive From Accounts (Dirt Crew), Alfonso Bottone (Flankup Recordings), Demuir, Yeti Mind Tricks (Motech), Saiful Idris (SRNDR), Andre Kronert (Kneaded Pains), Kick.S (AcidWorx), Nu-Cleo and Dr. Packer (Z Records).

In Rotation 190 Short cuts, call backs and oddities from Emmaculate (Red Night Recordings), Teflon Dons (Worldship Music), Sun Palace (BBE Music), Leonid Nevermind (Bivouac Sound), Patrice Scott/Ricardo Miranda (Rhythm Nation), Master C&J, Okayokayokay (Bulging Discs), Black Cadmium (Vault Wax), Marc Cotterell, Heidi Sabertooth (Jacktone Records), DJ Q & Hans Glader (Local Action) and Mary Love Comer (Athens of the North).

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