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Soul Clap's new mission, legendary vocalist and artist Nona Hendryx, 15 years of Burial and more in 5 Mag issue 191, out now.



Here's a quick look at what's inside:

#CoverStory: Soul Clap: The Mission. Soul Clap is on a mission to transform the planet. Their latest album WTF, or World Transformation Force, is a wake-up call for action.

The Myth of Burial. On the 15th anniversary of Burial's groundbreaking debut, Connor Foley explores the myth, music and mythology of electronic music's most elusive figure.

Forever Nona. Nona Hendryx is more than a legendary vocalist or an iconic artist. She's a national treasure.

Downsampled. How the frenzied sale of music publishing will change sample culture.

One Year Later, Heard & Owens vs. Trax Rumbles On. No settlement in sight for the lawsuit to reclaim the rights to Fingers, Inc.'s "Can You Feel It," "Donnie," "Washing Machine" and more from Trax Records.

Crash & Burn: How Audacity Lost Its Way. What's going on and what's gone wrong with the free and open source audio tool.

Music Reviews 191. New music and reissues from Andrés, Joshua Iz, Thorsteinsson, Mark Farina (Robsoul), Braxton Holmes Holmes, Charles Webster (Dimensions Recordings), Fred P, Sunburst Band (Z Records), Safe Trip, Alton Miller, Hi Tech Criminal (Klasse Wrecks), Inner Shift, D'Marc Cantu and Danny Passarella, Shur-I-Kan (Lazy Days), Bent, Club Soda (Flexi Cuts), Mark E (18437), WTCHCRFT (I Love Acid), Roy Davis Jr (Groovin), Traxman and Ralph Session and Carla Prather.

In Rotation 191 Short cuts, call backs and oddities from Seven Davis Jr and Juliet Mendoza, Red Rack'em, DJ Aakmael (Second Hand), Baltimore Chop, Annika Wolfe (Motech), Ali Berger, Alexander Robotnick (Tempo Dischi), Roque & Dean Tera (DeepHouse Police), The TerraNova Experience (Patina Skye Music), Blamhaus, Jade Cox and Pat Bedeau.

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