The next issue of 5 Magazine has been made three times over the past month, though we will only release the last.

There was a version of it that was made before coronavirus, which we somewhat naïvely thought would go ahead without significant edits. As lockdown descended across America and the world, tour cancellations and postpones lead to stories being quickly dated and put on a shelf.

That second version was on the verge of being published (with a grim and growing obituary section) when we heard the most shocking news of all – Mike Huckaby, who should have lived forever, died on April 24, 2020 after complications of a stroke and contracting COVID-19.

We tore it up again. The third and final version of 5 Mag Issue #181, in tribute to Mike Huckaby, will be released this Monday, May 18 2020.

In addition to most of our normal sections of the magazine, this issue will feature stories about the life and music of Mike Huckaby by Rick Wade, Thomas Cox and Terry Matthew, and photos from the archives of Marie Staggat.

Each issue of 5 Mag is published in our member’s section first – and our members have been incredibly patient while this was going on, and we are very grateful for it. But we will push these stories out as soon as possible.

— Terry Matthew