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Who’s On the Cover of Issue 132?

Al Kent: The man that Joey Negro dubbed “Scotland’s answer to Walter Gibbons” sits for an extensive 5 Magazine Profile conducted by Mr. Will Sumsuch.

Also in this issue:

The Chosen Few Go To Washington: The DJs that brought House Music to the White House. Go behind the scenes with Alan King of the legendary Chosen Few DJs on the group’s visit to our nation’s capital.

Anaxander has a new 5 Mag Mix and interview for your enjoyment (The mix is for 5 Magazine Members only, and is not included with single issue downloads.)

After a hiatus from the studio, Quentin Harris is back with a new project and a new perspective. He sat down with Czarina Mirani to talk about it.

You might have missed the launch of Soundcloud Go, your favorite streaming site’s answer to Spotify. They probably didn’t want you to notice it anyway.

DJ Gear: Every product seems to be accompanied by a cinematic launch video these days. The Pioneer HRM-6 Studio Monitor Headphones isn’t going to change your life but it might improve your music. Our review.

Plus new music from Aimes, Crookers, Justin Harris, Level-E, Lumberjacks In Hell, Occidental, Paolo Rocco, Stereogamous, T. Mixwell and Joey Negro’s Z Records in 10 Records You Need To Know…



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