Alinka Control Transmission

Alinka was born in Kiev, reared in Chicago and is now based in Berlin and a little piece of all of those electronic metropolises are left behind in the electronic fuzz of Control Transmission, a new EP being released next month on Crosstown Rebels.

Marking her return to the label after 2016’s Face The Truth (with partner-in-Twirl-ing Shaun J. Wright), Control Transmission is a solo EP “inspired by her experience in scenes across the world.”

“This release is about human curiosity and imagination, accessing different parts of ourselves and the world through exploration,” she says. “The journey to find something beyond our everyday perceived reality and limitations.”

The two track EP is a laboratory for wild eruptions of electricity and joy, both tracks powered by an irradiated bassline thump. It’s maybe the best record of her career and you won’t want to miss it.

Control Transmission is out July 10 2020.

Photo: Yacoub Chakarji.