Apple Music is relaunching their One Mix series with a new mix from Jeff Mills.

Outer to Inner Atmosphere: The Escape Velocity Mix is an hour long mix in immersive Spatial Audio. The One Mix series is “a showcase of the world’s best DJs and producers” released monthly.

In a release, Mills described the purpose of the mix as “conceptualized and designed to stimulate the listeners’ three dimensional senses and sensations using the subject and idea of breaking Earth’s gravitational pull and leaving the planet. The embarkment to a place outside and unlike our own.

“With this immersive sound experience also came certain aspects that needed to be addressed. Ones that uses our psychological responses, like anticipation and mystery, the risks and danger of such a journey and most importantly, the translation of the feeling that ‘a step forward’ has been taken.”

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Apple Music’s Global Head of Dance and Electronic Music Stephen Campbell said it was “an honor” for Mills to create the first One Mix in Spatial Audio. “He is a generational icon and a true techno pioneer that has taken the concept to a dimension further than we could have dreamt with ‘Outer to Inner Atmosphere: The Escape Velocity Mix.“

Outer to Inner Atmosphere: The Escape Velocity Mix is live now for streaming on Apple Music.