Promising a “risk-free, hassle-free” experience, Bandcamp has announced the rollout of a new vinyl crowdsourcing feature.

The download, music and merch site already permits labels and artists to sell vinyl, cassettes and music on other physical media, but will soon function as a kind of kickstarter exclusively for funding – and pressing – vinyl records.

“With no up-front investment, you can create a vinyl campaign and start taking orders almost immediately,” Bandcamp’s announcement says. “Reach your minimum goal, and we press your records and ship them to your fans.”

“Our new vinyl pressing service streamlines the financing, production, and fulfillment of vinyl records,” a blog post states. “With no up-front investment, an artist or label can create a vinyl campaign and start taking orders almost immediately. Once they reach their minimum goal, we press their records and ship them to their fans.”

So Bandcamp’s vinyl pressing service appears to work the same as other vinyl crowdsourcing niche sites. 5 Mag covered “The Rise of Vinyl Crowdsourcing” in 2017 with a survey of the nice sites – from DiggersFactory to Vinylised – that offered up crowdsourcing features exclusively aimed at labels and artists looking to move from digital to physical record production:

DiggersFactory and Vinylised are two related services with somewhat similar means to solving a common problem: defraying the upfront costs associated with vinyl production via crowdsourcing. In simple terms: take pre-orders and ensure a simple way to refund everyone if the project doesn’t work out.

These companies represent a new stage in crowdsourcing when it comes to music (and reflect more broadly how specialized and niche crowdsourcing has become). They’re aimed directly at producers and labels that have built digital audiences that may be receptive to a vinyl product.


Obviously, this will also be of huge interest to people who were left out in the cold following the epic meltdown of music crowdsourcing platform PledgeMusic. Incredibly, it has been more than two months since PledgeMusic issued a public statement; despite rumors, it appears the site is finished. Former, prospective and the unfortunate bands who have money locked inside PledgeMusic’s vaults right now will likely be very interested in this development from Bandcamp.

The Bandcamp vinyl crowdsourcing function will be open to all artists and labels on the platform later this year, but presents these four campaigns as examples:

Below (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl Campaign
Condensate Vinyl Campaign
Constellation Vinyl Casmpaign
Ancestral Recall Vinyl Campaign