Record pools don’t seem like an especially lucrative field for the tech industry to “disrupt,” but apparently open format DJing is the new target market for a site created by the teams behind Beatport and DJcity.

Beatsource describes itself as “the definitive catalog of music for open format DJs.” The site will be “curated” in the style of a record pool by 70 unnamed “global curators and remixers” with a selection of some 200,000 “highly curated hits.”

Beatsource is expected to launch in the Summer of 2019.

Billboard has a bunch of self-congratulatory statements from all parties expressing total confidence in each other.

Interesting, the site as described sounds like it will cannibalize DJcity’s existing record pool business, but a FAQ posted by the company says that all three entities – DJcity, Beatport and Beatsource – will remain separate, with separate billing.