A new, second edition of Beyond Heaven, a collection of Chicago House pluggers from the 1980s has been published.

Beyond Heaven: Chicago House Party Flyers Volume II was released during the pandemic by Almighty & Insane Books and contains 96 pages of flyers and poster art from house music’s first wave. Among the names you’ll see include locales like the Bismarck and Centrum and artists such as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Terry Hunter, Lil Louis, Armando and more.

Volume 1 was released in 2018 and was pulled from the rather amazing collection of Mario Luna. Apparently that was all they had until Luna came across a “long-forgotten cache of material” for Beyond Heaven Vol 2.

Same format as the original, but with all new flyers documenting an extended window of history, from early “mobile discos” that reflect the roots of the underground movement before the term “house” was even coined, to the emergence of a new generation of house DJs and artists in Chicago inspired by the original pioneers of the genre.


About Beyond Heaven Vol 1, 5 Mag noted the book “offers a taste of what many consider to be the best times of their lives, and for others acts as a gateway to one of greatest eras in the history of Chicago music.”

Beyond Heaven Vol 2 is available for $20 and it’s a deal at twice price. Get it directly from the publisher because Jeff Bezos already has enough fucking money.

Beyond Heaven II

Photos via almightyandinsanebooks.com.