Here’s a nice success story to start your day. Electronic Voyager, a documentary dedicated to the life of synthesizer and electronic music pioneer Bob Moog, has exited its kickstarter campaign fully funded with hours to spare.

The film is seen through the eyes of Bob Moog’s daughter and noted Moog archivist and historian Michelle Moog-Koussa, as she retraces the footsteps of her late father who passed away in 2005 after leaving an indelible impact on music.

“The recent, tragic passing of Bob Moog’s close friend and important collaborator, Keith Emerson — perhaps the most iconic Moog keyboardist — was just another reminder of how important it is to document Bob Moog’s crucial chapter in the history of electronic music, NOW,” a release notes.

Electronic Voyager is the latest film from Canadian filmmakers Robert Fantinatto and Jason Amm, who have made something of a niche of these types of documentaries after their 2014 modular synth documentary I Dream of Wires.

Among the electronic music luminaries featured in the documentary are Gary Numan, Herb Deutsch, Rick Wakeman, Gary Numan, Moby, Adrian Utley, Gershon Kingsley, Larry Fast, Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff, Bernie Krause, Morton Subotnick, Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim and Roger Linn.