Brawther has opened the kimono on the tracklist of Endless, his quasi-album/compilation to be released on 3×12″ vinyl and on CD by Chicago’s Balance in April.

Endless made up of material from Brawther’s previous Balance releases stretching back over five years. In addition to the material getting a welcome repress, there is also a previously unreleased remix of “Khawuleza” by Jeremiah ft. Vasu Mkhaya and “Don’t Go”, previously on My Love Is Underground’s MLIU11 10″.

Speaking about the record in our interview published in January, Brawther told us:

I’m actually putting out a special project on Balance entitled ENDLESS in April. It’s not exactly an album per se; it’s a selection of out-of-print and sought after tracks that were released in the last 5 years. Funnily enough, it feels that the way it has been programmed sounds almost like it was done for the purpose of an album.

I have always wanted to make a traditional album with all new music, and that’s one of my next steps for sure. During the last five years, working with Chez has been amazing. I’ve always had total freedom and benefited from his wise council and encouragements. This project is a celebration of these years working together and the journey through music. It’s going to be a slick triple vinyl set (and a CD!) that should hopefully find a good home for those who have missed the works the first time around.

These things tend to move rather quickly once they shoot the starting gun, so a pre-order might be a wise gesture.

Brawther – Endless LP

1. Asteroids and Star Dust (Original Mix)
2. Endless (Ultra Deep Mix)
3. Deep Down Paris
4. Le Voyage
5. Don’t Go
6. Negentropy
7. Come Inside
8. Jeremiah Ft. Vasu Mkhaya: Khawuleza (Unreleased Dub)



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