In his 30+ year career in music, Chez Damier has been on the radio plenty of times but has never had his own show. Until now.

This Saturday May 8 marks the launch of Chicago and Detroit house legend Chez Damier’s first every radio residency on France’s Radio FG, broadcast in Paris and more than 30 stations across the country.

The show will be broadcast on FG’s Maxximum Radio on May 8 starting at 8pm in Paris, 7pm in London and 1 pm in Chicago and marks the start of a new monthly residency.

Chez Damier is the founder of two of the greatest deep house labels that ever existed, the influential Prescription with Ron Trent and Balance Recordings along with its growing family of sub-labels (and soon to be, The House of Chez Damier).

Seemingly everywhere during the first flowering of deep house, he’s inspired musicians, producers and DJs in cities from Chicago to Detroit, New York, Paris and everywhere in between. This show on Maxximum marks his first radio residency in a career reaching back to the 1980s.

You can listen live on or visit Maxximum’s official facebook page.


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