Cajmere Photo

Jim Daley of Chicago’s South Side Weekly has composed a crossword puzzle with clues sourced from Chicago House Music history.

The paper’s “croSSWord” puzzle, released today, features a litany of pointers to Chicago House Music lore in its clues. Among them:

  • Chuck Roberts: “In The Beginning There Was ____”
  • Cajmere: “It’s Time for the ______”
  • 4-Down: “I Need ______” featuring Jamie Principle (1986)
  • DJ group with Colette, Dayhota, Heather, and 50-Down: Super_____
  • Most House music is set to about 128 of this (abbrev.)

The puzzle can be downloaded directly from the South Side Weekly website and printed out or played on Across Lite or puzzazz app on iPhones.


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