Video uploaded to YouTube purported to be of the incident


An incident involving a section of plaster from the ceiling fell and injured four people and the owners of Concord Music Hall have voluntarily closed pending repairs and a city investigation.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the partial ceiling collapse at the Chicago club on Friday night involved a “two foot by three foot section of the plaster ceiling on the third floor of the building”.

The video above is from YouTube but appears to show the crowd response to the incident during a set by Datsik.

The owners of Concord Music Hall have released a statement indicating they are voluntarily closed “until further notice”:

“Concord Music Hall has voluntarily agreed to close until further notice due to a section of plaster falling from its ceiling during a show last night. During this time, Concord will fully cooperate with all City of Chicago officials to ensure that there are no ongoing concerns for the safety of its patrons and its employees.

Information regarding this weekend’s and future events will follow.

– Concord Music Hall Management Team”

Concord was opened at the site of the former “VLive” last summer following the city’s legal battles with the Congress and features a similar array of electronic and rock events.



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