Daft Punk’s drumless Random Access Memories is a low-effort collectible made for Record Store Day

But I don't think the drums were what anyone disliked about it?

Daft Punk is marking the 10th anniversary of their best-selling album again — this time with the somewhat perverse strategy of stripping the percussion out of the mix.

The release of Daft Punk: Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition) features a bleached white variation of the original album’s cover art. While some may prefer listening to dance music without drums, the percussionless versions also serve as a stand-by for aspiring remixers who want to fuck around with the tracks but don’t have access to stems.

The Drumless Edition is slated for release on November 17 2023 on Spotify. Vinyl is predictably being offered up on preorder for Record Store Day, which is probably the entire point of this low-effort release.

Random Access Memories was released on May 17, 2023 from Columbia Records. Though initially controversial among fans, it won over a far larger audience than Daft Punk had ever reached before, winning the Grammy Awards for best album of the year.

In May, Daft Punk released the first 10th anniversary edition of Random Access Memories with more than half an hour of bonus material.