David Guetta has made another unfortunate appearance in the news, though this time it isn’t for ABC’s silly claim that “David Guetta brought House Music to America.”

Instead, South African producer Daniel Baron has claimed that Guetta lifted the melody and recorded an identical “chordal and rhythmic similarity” from his 2016 single “Children of the Sun.”

Daniel’s attorney Stephen Hollis says that he has sent a notice of alleged copyright infringement to Guetta’s team regarding the song, “Light Headed” featuring Sia.

Here is a comparison – listen to both tracks and tell us what you think:

“It felt surreal to hear the tune that I came up with years ago. I’ve always been a fan of him and I look up to him as an artist/producer, so I actually feel rather bewildered and slightly proud that he’s used my melody,” Daniel said in a release, which included an analysis from a music professor of the “clear” plagiarism from “Children of the Sun.” “All I want is to be credited as a co-writer.”

Baron further notes that Guetta had been playing in South Africa at a time that “Children of the Sun” was receiving heavy airplay there.

Guetta has not responded on social media in response to the claim.

This is not the first time Guetta has been accused of plagiarism (and, to be fair, he can’t hold a candle to Kanye West in this regard). In 2016 Alex Greggs accused Guetta and Ariana Grande of plagiarizing his music for their song “One Last Time.”


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