In case you were incommunicado this weekend, the entire internet had fun poking at David Guetta following a puff piece by ABC television network’s Nightline program that dubbed him the “grandfather of electronic dance music” and claimed he “helped bring house music to America.”

Meme victim David Guetta replied today by posting a heavily pixelated cover of Farley Jackmaster Funk’s “Love Can’t Turn Around” he found on Google images. Guetta claims he is “all about positivity,” and works his street cred. Hold on to your seats:

Some people love a controversy, but I am all about positivity.
I fell in love with house music as a teenager in the 80s when I first heard Chicago house on the radio in Paris. It was Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk’s record “Love Can’t Turn Around”. I became obsessed with the sound of it. The music had a message of love, being open, and bringing people together that inspired me to start my first house music night in Paris in 1988.

Later when I was running a club called Queen, I would invite Djs like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Dj Pierre , masters at work , Danny tenaglia etc. I was trying to learn from those pioneers and I also wanted to share this amazing feeling too. House music was born from people like Frankie Knuckles and Larry levan. The legacy of the genre and those artists are so important to me. Those people followed by others paved the way for myself and other artists to have careers and be able to do what we are doing today.
For me, it is all about love and bringing people together to celebrate life.


As we pointed out: Guetta actually did make a real “house music” record, once upon a time. That’s really not in question: it exists.

What people have a problem with is another attempt to re-write history – and as frequently (inevitably?) happens, writing black, gay, people of color, etc. completely out of it.

And Guetta still doesn’t get it.

His handlers are trying though. Senior director, huh? I guess this marks the start of the counter-offensive:

In the meantime, here are some of the funniest memes that came about this weekend:

Top photo by @mutantpete.


  1. Guetta “heard” a house music track on the radio in Paris in 1988? Heck, I stepped into this world in 1982 along with countless other Chicago artists– David Guetta surely never stepped through the doors of The Warehouse. Then he releases his house track a full 10 years after this music genre was pioneered by legendary others? Such a slap in the face to Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, and my biz partner and co-founder of Persona Records, David Bell. All gay, all dead, and now unable to speak to this editorial revisionist bullshit. (And yes, Gay folk, both black and white, had a huge impact on House Music– the entirety of the Persona Records staff was gay!) Has Nightline cut back on their research dept to this sad degree? This is Google search 101. Discogs alone sets the record back to the reality of accuracy: Just look at the release years. Nightline/lazy media, do your homework and start here:

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