Lars Dales from Detroit Swindle is back in Amsterdam, recovering from a motorcycle accident – and doing well, we hear and hope. In the meantime, his partner Maarten Smeets is picking up the slack with Detroit Swindle’s scheduled gigs, making it a “solo” DJ show this Friday at Smartbar, where the show will go on.

It comes at a time when Detroit Swindle is unveiling some phenomenal new music – among them, a new EP, Rhythm Girl Swing on celebrated Aus Music and the long-awaited pack of remixes from their 2018 album High Life.

The latter release is highlighted by Jura Soundsystem’s remix of the title track, Gari Romalis on “Ex Machina” and our favorite, Cinthie’s remix of “Call of the Wild.” The original High Life LP probably would have been our album of the year if we did that kind of winter vacation clickbaity shit. These remixes are an exceptional extension of it. They’re out in early July.

Detroit Swindle plays Smartbar on Friday June 7 2019. Tickets are available at Lead photo by Lauren Murphy.