The Tec-Troit Electronic Music Festival is shutting down, according to the Detroit festival’s official Facebook page.

Citing “two years of fighting an uphill battle,” the post says the free festival is “mainly being abandoned because of lack of support. It takes a lot of hard work by dedicated volunteers to put together a three day music festival and even more attentiveness when that festival is free.”

“Certain departments in the city of Detroit has looked at us like we are just a check book and unwilling to work with Tec-Troit on financial issues,” the post continues. “They say it’s a new Detroit but if your trying to give back to the community with a free event the only thing new is the price tag.

“Without support from the scene our beloved techno movement will fade to nothing and Detroit will become a place where musicians just come to play not a place where they are born.”

Tec-Troit was a free, multi-day festival held in Harmonie Park, Detroit, and featured quite a few prominent DJs, live acts as well as up-and-comers from pretty much every genre of electronic music made in Detroit these days. 5 Mag previously covered the festival here and spoke with organizer DJ Roach prior to Tec-Troit’s second annual festival in 2012.

Though we completely sympathize with the organizers’ frustration, there is now a hole in the Midwest electronic music summer calendar and Tec-Troit will be missed.

Tec-Troit staff directs people instead to a free, all ages event over the river in Windsor, Ontario on June 2 2018 at Charles Clark Square, and an event on Tec-Troit weekend at a private location via personal invite.