Watch: New Documentary on “The Disco King of Skokie”

New film The Disco King of Skokie sheds new light on Carey Weiman and Chicago's '70s disco scene through House Music to EDM.

The Disco King of Skokie actually lives in Northbrook, according to Rick Kogan in the Chicago Tribune, and behind that Chicago suburb’s leafy foliage is one hell of a story.

The “king” in question is Carey Weiman, known most recently as the owner of Chicago’s now-closed nightclub on Elston Avenue, The Prop House. What I didn’t know is just how deep his roots went in the propagation of dance music throughout the decades.

Weiman is the subject of a new documentary, The Disco King of Skokie which sheds light in the creaky, cobwebbed corners of Chicago’s disco scene of the late 1970s and Weiman’s relentless march through the ages. From the Tribune:

This was in 1977 and if you were young then, or in the 1980s and into the 1990s, you likely danced and partied to Weiman and his music. He mainly operated in the northern suburbs but eventually expanded across this area and later into Los Angeles and Florida. He also did his DJ thing for adults, those who hired him for private parties and corporate events and those who danced at clubs throughout the Midwest. He was a pioneering DJ and an influential entertainment entrepreneur.


The Disco King of Skokie is having a special VIP screening this Thursday, August 16 2018 at the Landmark Renaissance Place Cinema in Highland Park. The film is directed by Ken Goldstein; you can find out more at and Weiman’s retrospective site