I’ve spent too much time writing obituaries lately, and it’s a fucking drag. Year by year, the number of living legends from the Disco Era grows smaller, and we’re losing a lot of heroes our own age or younger too.

So I need this, and maybe you could use a story with a happy ending too. Our man Deeon – the Ghetto House Legend, the Dance Mania Superstar – is absolutely killing it. A year ago, he had quadruple bypass surgery (ten years after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma); due to complications, he was hospitalized for more than 30 days. As he told 5 Magazine’s Rees Urban:

As soon as I got out I was to continue chemo for my cancer. Then in February I had an accident that eventually led to me having my lower left leg amputated in July. I tried to fight it but it was no use, I was defeated …

As I said, I was defeated. Nothing mattered. It was a time when music uplifted me, cured me, and rocked me to sleep. Now it’s just morphine sulfate, vicodin and ZzzQuil. But I have been diggin’ in the crates so to speak, and with prayer and encouragement from my family and people in the industry like Paul Johnson and DJ Funk. I look at Paul and see him still going strong no matter what! I feel like I have a second wind. I have a new (well, not really new) release coming out on Booty Call Records out of Paris soon, as well as a new site coming in 2013. I also bought a few new toys to play with so I’m kinda excited.

The second of those BCR releases, Debo G Chronicles Vol 2, is coming out on Monday, April 22, 2013, with five tracks (only two of which have been flagged as “explicit” by iTunes!), including “Pushin Dik”, “Da Low”, “Ballz”, “Yo Back” and “Sneak”. Preview it here via JunoDownload, where you can pre-order it today:



And here’s Volume 1 that came out in February, with Jammin Gerald’s Remix of “I Heard” leading off: