DJ Funk

Amidst the noise of the Holiday weekend in Chicago, you might have missed that the city’s Ghetto House icon DJ Funk just dropped a new album.

DJ Funk’s Booty House Anthems 3 dropped on November 30th – a 27 track LP featuring appearances from DJ Deeon, Fast Eddie, Jammin’ Gerald and several other guests. Among the tracks are “3 Fine Hoez” (reviewed by Urban here) and “Work This Muthafukka” featuring Deeon.

Booty House Anthems #1 was originally released in 1999 and is reputedly one of the best selling Ghetto House records of all time; Volume 2 was released in 2006. Volume #3 is available now from iTunes and CDBaby; CDs and vinyl are to follow. Tracklisting and artwork below.




1. Titties and Beer (DJ Funk vs Ken Ishii)
2. In My Face
3. Fuck Dat Ass
4. Work It Work It
5. Ass & Them Titties
6. Booty Clap (Ok! Re-Mix)
7. Booty Bounce (Gta Remix)
8. Move That Butt (Ape Drums Doggy Style Re-Mix)
9. Who That Gurl? (Big Bass X-Tra) [feat. Funky J & Poogie]
10. 3 Fine Hoez (Sinjin Hawke Remix)
11. Used 2 Fuck Me (DJ Funk vs Wordlife) [feat. Wordlife]
12. Pump Dat Ass Down
13. Pump Dat Ass Down (Extended)
14. Pump That Shit Up! (DJ Funk Mix) [feat. Jammin’ Gerald]
15. Boom Baby (Yayo) [feat. Fast Eddie]
16. Dark Energy!
17. High Frequency
18. Party People
19. Thunderpussy (Megamix)
20. U Work It
21. You Know We Get Fucked Up
22. Aqua Vapor, Pt. 1
23. Video Clash II (Holographic Mix)
24. Run (Re-Release)
25. 3 Fine Hoez
26. Put Them Tits in My Face
27. Work This Muthafukka (DJ Funk Mix) [feat. DJ Deeon]