Djoon, the Paris club that so often supports us, needs our support

Help one of the outposts of quality underground dance music re-open...

Soul is literally their name.

Paris nightclub Djoon has kept people dancing for nearly two decades, providing a platform for the more soulful side of the electronic music underground. After that many years it’s almost ridiculous to list the talent that has blown through their doors. Among them — this has to be pointed out — has been a preponderance of Black house artists many similar sized clubs in Europe claim to respect but rarely book.

In short: Djoon has put a lot of money in the pocket of people from our town, our scene and our community and now it’s a good look to lend a hand.

Djoon is attempting to raise cash to re-open their doors. “We know it’s a difficult time for many,” they say, “but if the culture we love & defend is also yours, please consider donating to help us continue this adventure where we left off 15 months ago.”

Since lockdowns began in March 2020, the club claims some €80,000 in losses — a number that “keeps climbing every month until reopening safely is possible.”

Paris nightclub djoon

Djoon has been running a number of initiatives to try to raise funds, including a remix contest and a livestream fundraiser last weekend that featured some frequent friends of the club including DJ Spinna, Osunlade, Terry Hunter, Boddhi Satva, Kai Alce, Stan Zeff and more. If it’s true that you’re judged by the company you keep, those are some of the best people we have.

[ LISTEN: Conversations with Djoon ]

Despite approaching nearly 60% of their €50,000 goal, there’s a very real risk Djoon will not see anything from the crowdsourcing endeavor. The site they’re using,, is an all-or-nothing crowdsourcing tool, as Djoon points out in a recent update (translated by me, no bully pls):

As you may know, this type of financing has two possible outcomes: either we reach at least the exact amount of the objective (50,000 €), and we can then consolidate our project, or we do not reach this amount, and all contributors are reimbursed and in the end we have nothing at all. Yes, it’s ALL or NOTHING.


In the best of times, there are more people who need help than there are people who get it. These are not the best of times. However, if you find this worthy, some good people in a faraway place could use the help.

Djoon’s fundraiser ends this June 30.

Video by Karism Pictures


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