London firm Dorothy has designed a visual representation of the history of disco, mapped out on the schematics of a Klipschorn speaker.

Disco Love Blueprint: A History of Disco is a poster celebrating 600 musicians, DJs producers, clubs and record labels viewed as pivotal in the history of disco:

“From disco’s roots in the sounds of Afro-American funk, soul and Motown of the late 1960s, its emergence in New York’s Black, Latino and gay underground club scene in the early 1970s, its explosion into the mainstream in the late 1970s when at the height of its popularity discomania dominated the world’s dance floors, and its influence on the development of dance music and dance culture through to the present day.”


Disco Love Blueprint takes a voyage from the Black and gay underground scene through the modern day and features departures into Italo, cosmic disco, regional scenes and all the way up to the modern day.

Dorothy, which recently contributed to the London Acid City: 30 Years of Staying Up Forever exhibition, mapped out the history of disco on the circuit diagram of a Klipschorn speaker, suggesting this was used in part for its role in The Loft’s legendary sound system.

The poster is a metallic silver screen print measuring 60×80 centimeters (roughly, though not precisely, 24″ x 32″). It is in stock and available for £40 from the Dorothy store.

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