Milwaukee Drop Bass Records Catalog

Midwest rave OGs Drop Bass Network are among the unsung heroes of EDM in America. They may not take credit for it (who would want to?), but Drop Bass threw the biggest and it has to be said the best events between the coasts and what I think most have acknowledged as the first multi-day, persistent outdoor electronic music festival in the form of Furthur.

They also provided a vital link between the artists of the Rust Belt and those in places like Amsterdam, Oslo, Leeds and Berlin. The label dropped 86 releases between 1994 and 2006, but “all of those Drop Bass Network Records vinyl releases are long gone now”:

Some were discontinued after the first run Some were repressed again and again reaching impressive numbers for a small independent techno label. The sublabels were limited edition pressings that all sold out instantly.

As time went on the stamper plates used for pressing records were past their life span. Then in the early 2000s the vinyl market crashed and distribution went bust. The acid sound of Drop Bass Network Records laid in rest deteriorating on the original DAT tapes.

Until now.


Restoring and remastering nearly 300 tracks, Drop Bass Records is resurfacing for the first time in 13 years on Bandcamp. So far the site features 8 records from Woody McBride, two artists who “are making the whole digital thing possible, Paul Birken and Michael Wenz” and, to the point, two records from the “Chicago hardcore prophet for DBN,” DJ Hyperactive. Listen to “Kala Ulu” from the seminal-as-are-you-fucking-kidding-me Don’t Fuck With Chicago EP, originally released in late 1994:

There will also be a new addition the catalog. Drop Bass is hawking a special edition double 7″ (that might be a first) at Even Further 2019 this August 8-12:

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at the original Furthur in 1994 we released a limited edition 7 inch record to commemorate that special weekend. the two tracks produced by Woody McBride went on to be the most valuable piece of vinyl in the Drop Bass Network Records discography. for Even Furthur in 1996 we did it again with a 12 inch record split between Woody and Frankie Bones. it was instant classic. for the 25th anniversary of Furthur this August 8-12 we're bringing back the vinyl with a VERY limited double 7 inch available at the Even Furthur merch booth! you read that right, you're not hallucinating… but it is an acid release. featuring tracks from @woody_mcbride @hypr312 (hyperactive) @baseck / @felishaledesma @marc_acardipane (the mover)

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