Every so often, talent and character come together in the same person. And while nobody will pay a $15 cover to hear a DJ’s character, it’s nice to know that the people you admire and respect for their abilities aren’t colossal fucking jugheads.

You know this one as DVS1 on record but in the Midwest he’s still Zak, a Minneapolis DJ that’s one of the best at his game and has never let it go to his head.

Oktave, Jeff Derringer’s residency at SmartBar, has announced that Zak is going to be an “artist in residence,” which we suppose means he’ll be a frequent enough guest that you might mistake him for furniture.

Jeff’s post (via FB):


I’m excited to announce that in 2015, we will feature TWO guest artists in residence who will be performing regularly at Smart Bar Chicago as part of the Oktave event series. I chose these artists with Marea and company for their creative excellence, their uncompromising standards, and their meaning to the techno universe.

I’m proud to be a part of the new artist in residence series and I can’t wait to share these shows and ideas with you.

the first Oktave artist in residence for 2015 is DVS1. most of you already know Zak as one of the fiercest DJs in the world, as well as a home-grown Midwest talent. I’m thrilled to have him on board.

stay tuned tomorrow to find out who our second artist in residence will be. you will not be disappointed…