Producer Factory

Update: We obtained contracts pointing to the ownership of ProducerFactory, and have published them here.


This is what rock bottom looks like.

Meet, a site which turns the black magic of music fakery into something as simple as buying a song on iTunes.

In the past, a struggling artist could hire a ghostwriter, or an extra producer., as the name indicates, is essentially the Wal*Mart of Ghostwriting, turning you into a producer with the click of a button. There’s even a handy shopping cart to aid you in your 1-Click progression from average schnook to beatport chart phenomenon.

You can literally point, click, and buy tracks to release under your own name.

As the site helpfully spells out:

Producer Factory is a newly developed idea that allows you to purchase any tracks on this site exclusively, and sell it as your own. Create a new professional image or just rise above the rest with our high quality productions by well-known artists. We offer nothing less than the best and assure your fans approval. …

At Producer Factory we sell tracks including the sales rights exclusively and if you require anonymously. This allows you to increase your music portfolio and release rate, which keep your fans entertained and true to your name or alias. Using this service will allow you to gain inspiration, refresh your style and also fill in the gaps needed to complete your set or album when as usual time is not a plentiful commodity.

Naturally – and as you know, this is my forte – the site will also help you fake the popularity of your purchased tracks through social media manipulation packages such as “Chain Reaction Pack”, which promises “100 Retweet Votes, 100 Soundcloud Favorites, 100 Soundcloud Follower”, etc. etc, for the low price of 490 Euros.

Remarkably, you’re given no indication of who made these tracks you’ll be purchasing on the sly and signing your name to.

So who’s behind According to the domain registration (see below), the site belongs to “e-junkies gmbh” of Murgenthal, Switzerland. The same company at the same address is listed as the contact for (taken offline last night after this story was published), a site belonging to Sandro and Marco Junker, who have released music as Audionatica.

I’ve asked Sandro and Marco to verify ownership of or explain the domain registration information (reproduced below); if and when they get back to me with a comment for publication, this story will be updated.


Update: I heard back from Marco… I think. He refused to clearly identify himself in any email. Summarizing what was said over the course of a dozen emails is difficult, but the gist of his complaint is that he does not own ProducerFactory, and that someone else seized control or somehow acquired the “e-junkies GmbH” business and registered the domain with his address.

Update: We obtained contracts pointing to the ownership of ProducerFactory, and have published them here. Needless to say, all of Marco’s denials were false, and he admitted it.


  1. Ghostwriting has already been occurring more and more but this is just blatant. Another reason I think the “DJ’ will be declining in popularity soon with a shift back to more live performance type music that’s much harder to fake.

  2. fucking hell, this is depressing. I wouldn’t find it as offensive, except for that I know there will be “producers” who gain a moderate level of popularity solely from use of this site.
    what utter rubbish.

  3. Nothing new.. david guetta, tiesto, armin van buuren have been using ghost producer for long time already to help with their production if not only produce it. Also the new Avicii “country” sounding tracks aren’t only produced by him.. he has used tons of people to help him produce his new album

    • Armin doesn’t use ghost producers. It’s true that he doesn’t do 100% of the production since he has a studio partner in Benno de Goeij from Rank 1; but he is pretty up front about this in interviews and Benno is fully credited on his albums.

  4. I can confirm he is lying about the site ownership because i just read one of the contracts they give out and it has sandro’s name at the bottom of it.

  5. I wouldn’t worry about it – have you heard the tracks on that site? They aren’t horrible, but they’re not something one would pay for expecting to top the Beatport charts.

  6. As the singer, songwriter, Producer, sound engineer and one of the DJ’s of the DJ producer duo Drunk Dial… I personally think this is great. I agree with Jlad00 and I can’t wait for music to move on. Because EDM is just one of the genres I can make. But this is only gonna reward those who suck already with a temporary and unguaranteed success. As I tell any person trying to make music. You’ve gotta be ok with sounding like shit if you’re ever gonna sound good. And even when your tracks are great getting support is a whole nother investment that you wouldn’t believe. If you don’t think you’ve gotta pay to be featured on blogs then you’re simply not living in reality. They’re the ones that get you noticed. Without them or youtube promotion that you still have to pay for…Getting plays is blood curdling. For singers or rappers I could see this being kinda convenient. But for actual songwriters and composers this is just gonna make us that much more valuable because kids are gonna stop trying and just work to buy a couple tracks that still suck but are better than they can make.

    Meanwhile I hope all of you can support your local producer for putting up even the shittiest of music on soundcloud… I hope you press play and comment and encourage them to keep working and perfecting their craft. That means the world to us. Those kids won’t always suck. I wasn’t always good. And now check out what I can do. I wrote, composed, sound engineered and sang every track except for I didn’t sing the girl vocals haha but I still wrote those songs. No ghost writers no ghost producers, no fake shit this is as real as it gets.

      • Congrats, Jesse: it takes a certain amount of cheek to sock-puppet on a post about sock-puppeting.

        In the future you probably want to change your IP address before doing this.

  7. I think this is about as cheesy as it gets. Why are people not trying to perfect their craft instead of the usual “let’s get what I can as quick as I can with no work method!” And what is so sad is that with the help of technology today there really is no excuse for this laziness. However what I am confused about is–isn’t there something shady there as far as copyright ownership goes. If you are proclaiming to have “written a track” isn’t there still copyright ownership involved? And if someone has to file a copyright isn’t there some little mention in there that copping someone else’s writing as your own is indeed a violation of copyright law–claiming someone else’s work as your own? I’m confused here!??

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