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It’s been more than decade since YouTube revolutionized content curation by allowing their video player to be embedded on websites across the internet, and Apple has finally followed suit with their podcasts.

Starting today, Apple podcasts can be embedded everywhere you can paste an embed code.

“The new Apple Podcasts embed player offers you a way to showcase your podcast on a website. Visitors can play an episode, browse recently published episodes, and open Apple Podcasts for iOS, iPadOS, or macOS to learn more and subscribe for free,” Apple stated in a release.

“There are four different sizes of the player and each size will automatically adjust to fit the width of your website. Plus, Safari can even display the player in Dark Mode to create an immersive experience.”

You can embed an entire podcast or an individual episode by clicking the “share” button on a podcast homepage. The embed code (along with share icons for Facebook and Twitter) expand like this:

Apple podcast embeds

Here’s what a full podcast embed looks like:

Here’s what an individual episode (of our latest loaded! garagehouse series with DJ MJ) looks like:

Embedding Apple podcasts is now available everywhere.