On July 24, a fire ripped through a building in the 128 North Campbell in Chicago. It was home to a number of artists, eclectic businesses as well as a couple who were celebrating their wedding day when their home went up in flames.

Among those driven from their homes by the fire is Erik Voit, who DJs under the name PRANAS and has been organizing the #MUCHOCULO party and podcast for the last two years.

“I lived in the building since 2009,” Erik says. “Some of my best friendships were formed thorugh connections I made there.” He says he hasn’t seen an official report yet but the fire was probably started in the largest unit in the building and was likely electrical.

Erik estimates a loss of “basically all of my music gear I had collected over the past seventeen years with the exception of a few pieces that I had lent out to friends,” he said. Among the equipment lost are “a Fender Rhodes and Arp Odyssey that I got from my father, an Octave Cat SRM II, Access Virus B, Korg MS2000, MOTM modular system, Arturia MiniBrute, API Lunchbox loaded with 512c preamps, a vintage pair of AKG C451 mics, Gibson Echoplex, Lovetone Meatball, Brian Moore Custom Shop Spalt top maple midi guitar, Axon AX-100 midi guitar processor, my pedal board loaded with various Moogerfooger and Fulltone boutique pedals, 400-500 vinyl records…

“I’ve started to compile a list with about 100 different items on it which I’ve roughly valued at approximately $50,000.”

Erik is currently staying with family as he figures out his next move, and has set up a gofundme campaign for anyone that can help him pick up the pieces.

Photo via 128 N Campbell Fire Relief Fund



  1. Jesus, all that gear is barely worth $5,000, if even that. $50K? Talk about an opportunist! But it seems everyone in that building is setting up a GoFundMe, so I guess Internet handouts are the new pity party…

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