Chicago-based website Little White Earbuds is shutting down, according to site founder Steve Mizek.

The site has published nearly 300 podcasts and some of the most thought-provoking, no-bullshit think pieces in the electronic music scene, often anticipating issues that would go on to become heated debates by a matter of years.

Mizek has been focusing on guiding three labels – Argot, Tasteful Nudes and SmartBar’s Northside 82 – and will be dedicating more time to doing so, as well as his DJ gigs. No plans for the site’s archives were announced other than to “let a decade’s worth of hard work stand on its own in a miniature library that someone out there may find useful over the years.”

On a personal note, I wish Steve and the contributors well and really do wish to thank them for significantly increasing the body of knowledge about American artists and genres as a whole that were often written off as unworthy of serious criticism.