It’s real, and it’s fabulous.

Scott K of BOXMUSIC and We Own The Night is parting with what is likely (I mean, Guinness doesn’t keep track of these things) the largest disco ball in the United States, if not the continent, if not the world.


“talk about limited runs, here’s a one of kind…now sadly up for grabs.

“i had this thing custom made for [We Own The Night] to be used in our original warehouse where it was gonna sit permanently. unfortunately, the NYE bust made our warehouse unuseable. and to add insult to injury, this beautiful beast was delivered right after that night. : (

“i’ve searched and searched and as best as i can determine, this is literally the biggest mirrorball in the country. (there are a few bigger things but they’re set pieces, special effects type things that open up and people come out…stuff like that.) but as far as a regular discoball…this is the king. it’s close to seven feet tall, and it’s literally been sitting in it’s crate since late december waiting for me to do another WOTN in our original home. unfortunately, that’s probably not gonna happen, so although it’s breaking my heart, i’m gonna have to let it go.

“if you know anyone interested, have them get at me asap. i can’t imagine this will take long to move…the quality is insane, and it really is a one of a kind.”

In a facebook message, Scott adds:

“I’ll never get my time and trouble back, but I’m hoping to at least get my money back. btw, this thing is beautiful and built to last….all top quality. Molded fiberglass (not foam); steel skeleton; heavy duty steel loop professionally welded to the skeleton; more than 100,000 mirrored glass (not plastic) tiles all meticulously put on by hand. Seriously sad to let it go….never got to use it once.”

If interested in giving this lovely artifact a home, you can contact Scott via Facebook or email him.