Y Bar Chicago

Four people were taken to nearby hospitals after allegedly overdosed at a Chicago North Side bar, according to emergency officials.

The incidents allegedly took place at Y Bar at 224 W. Ontario Street early Sunday morning at approximately 2:50 am, according to a Chicago Fire Department release.

Confusing reports from CFD officials had earlier erroneously stated the overdoses took place at the nearby Sound-Bar nightclub. Officials issued a correction late Sunday morning, though several media outlets had already reported the news.

Paramedics were called to Y Bar after three men and one woman apparently overdosed. All four victims were listed in serious to critical condition.

Like much of the country, Chicago has been seeing a spike in opioid-related deaths and overdoses in the last several years. Last January, Cook County officials announced that 2021 opioid deaths would surpass 2020 by an estimated 13%.

Many attribute the increase to the use of fentanyl. According to the Cook County Health officials, 82% of opioid-related deaths in the last half of 2020 showed the presence of fentanyl in their system.

Photo via ychicago.com.