Frankie Knuckles

Someone with fewer fried brain cells than I will have to answer the question of when Frankie Knuckles last had a residency in Chicago (it’s certainly happened since the PowerPlant, hasn’t it?)

But he has one now. This Sunday, January 13, 2013, Frankie Knuckles is celebrating his birthday at SmartBar’s Sunday night Queen! residency with Derrick Carter, Michael Serafini and Garrett David.

And following that, Frankie will be back at Queen! every other month going forward, joining the resident DJs that have made SmartBar the place to be every Sunday night, including Mr. Carter, Mr. Serafini, Mr. David, J Peg, Donovan and the rest of the family.

RSVP for this Sunday night’s party on Facebook here. SmartBar is at 3730 N. Clark, open from 10pm until late.



  1. Personally i don’t mind the snobby into-it-b4-etc… attitude when it comes to something as obscure as soulful house music since most (mainstream) people think this music has no roots! Or worse thinks it post-dates hip hop… anyway my 2 cents.