Take a look at it from a bird’s eye view: there are a few people who have had more impact on popular music and culture than Frankie Knuckles, but not many. And when Mayor Richard Daley proclaimed August 25 as Frankie Knuckles Day, it was a milestone event. Chicago has never been easy on its famous sons, but with this day and the street dedication that went with it, Frankie Knuckles had the rare distinction of receiving its blessing when he was still with us to enjoy it.

Here is some rare and rather unknown footage of that street dedication I scratched up on YouTube recently (200 views!):

After Frankie passed away in 2014, there have been a number of celebrations of Frankie Knuckles’ life, for family and for the people, in honor of the man who treated both of them the same. For the last two years, the Frankie Knuckles Foundation (see our story here) has thrown its support behind Frankie Knuckles Day events on August 25. And in 2017, the Second Annual Frankie Knuckles Day Gala will take place at Untitled Supper Club featuring Maad Soul (live) and Chicago’s Grammy nominated DJ and producer Terry Hunter from 7pm to 11pm.


Untitled Supper Club
111 W. Kinzie
Chicago, IL



Tickets include a light appetizers and 2 drink tickets and a special VIP view of all of the live entertainment. All proceeds from the gala will go directly to The Frankie Knuckles Foundation.

Event Chair: Joe Shanahan • Co-event Chair: Tony Karman • Honorary Hostess: Michelle Boone

Host Committee: Liza Cruzat Brooks, Pamela Clanton, Lori Crosley – Chair, Randy Crumpton, Billy Dec, Stephanie Gaines, Candace Jordan, Alan S. King, John Oppenheimer, James Ramos, Robin Robinson, Griselda Walls


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