paul trouble anderson

The family of Paul Trouble Anderson has announced that services for the legendary dance music DJ will be held on December 19 2018 at a private service.

For all of those in the public, the Anderson family has invited them to pay their respects and condolences at The Electric Ballroom in Camden this Wednesday December 19 from 5-9pm (finishes at 10pm).

Paul Trouble Anderson died on December 2 2018 after a long but characteristically spirited battle with cancer. British filmmaker Jaimie D’Cruz (probably best known for the Banksy documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop) has written what is probably the best of the many obituaries of Paul Trouble Anderson, one of the most influential DJs in dance music history, published at the Guardian last week.

“Street tough, physically indomitable, a man with martial arts skills and a fiercely proud spirit who brooked no nonsense from anyone, being a part-time enforcer for Kiss was an easy way for Paul to contribute to the communal labour of love that all pirate stations depended upon,” D’Cruz writes. “However, it was for his effortless technical mastery of the turntables, an encyclopedic musical knowledge, his unrivaled record collection and his skill as a selector incapable of playing a dud tune that Anderson will be remembered.”