The awesome power of a fully operational mothership is back on the road for you to touch, to feel but most of all to pound on your eardrums like a xylophone, and added a Chicago date to the itinerary.

The Shrine has announced that George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will be performing on Sunday April 28th at the South Loop club (2109 S. Wabash); tickets are on sale now.

Currently wrapping up the Japan leg of their tour, Clinton and ex-P-Funk cohorts Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell reportedly stole the show at a SXSW panel in March with anecdotes such as this one from George:

There was this chick that came to the dressing room. She said, ‘I’m gonna f*ck me a Funkadelic tonight.’ Then she looked at me and said, ‘Not you.’ That was when I had my head shaved with a d*ck on the side. I was sittin’ on the floor, tryin’ to play it off, trippin’ my ass off. From then on, Bootsy’s brother Catfish called me the President Of the No P***y Gettin’ Club. That went on for years … until I bought a spaceship.