Giorgio Moroder is 78 and Just Announced His First Live Tour

Donna Summer will appear on screen and in sync.

Giorgio Moroder

Forty one years after “I Feel Love” changed electronic music forever, a few select crowds will get a chance to hear Giorgio Moroder play it live.

Italian music legend Giorgio Moroder has announced his the first live tour of his career in April 2019, and include dates in Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester, UK.

Though Moroder has been out DJing, this is the first time he will perform live on piano, vocoder and synthesizers with a live band and vocalists. The late Donna Summer will also appear on screen, “in sync with Moroder and his band.”

There is very little footage of Moroder performing “live” and outside of a studio (and usually staged for the cameras) setting. “Back in the days it was unthinkable for producers to ever leave their studios,” he said. “That territory was reserved for the singers. Today, DJs and music producers have become the superstars of popular dance music, so the time feels right.”

Tickets go on sale this Friday from promoter LiveNation.


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