Last month we wrote about Kevin Starke, whose Kstarke Records store lends its name to his in-house record label.

This month, Chicago’s Gramaphone has announced a rejuvenation of its own in-house imprint. Gramaphone Records (the store) is re-launching Gramaphone Records (the label) some three years after its debut (Lil Louis’ “Fable” remixes, as a co-production with Diamond Records) with A New Room.

Produced by Gramaphone buyer and Queen! resident DJ Garrett David, the EP features four tracks of the kind of shit we love – lots of chords, twisting melodies and drums that sound like they’re bringing down the ceiling.

A New Room dropped on January 19, available right now at Gramaphone (2843 N. Clark Street) and

An earlier version of this article appeared in 5 Magazine’s January 2015 issue.


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